Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yard Sale-ing

The SUV, loaded to the toppy top with goodies acquired at one sale.

Warm sunny Saturdays in May are meant for two things - birding (natch!) and yard sale-ing. Last weekend, two friends and I planned our attack on area yard sales. Our strategy included meeting early (6:30am- which is not early if you are a birder!), scouring the local Penny Power for area sales and plotting our route in the GPS. Perhaps one in fifty yard sales turns out to be unbelievably rich with quality items at cheap prices. This Saturday, we hit one of those sales.

Another view of the inside of the car, loaded with stuff.

Advertised in our Penny Power as being in an "upscale neighborhood" it had us scoffing at the implied (or explicit) snobbery. We were one of the first ones there and could not believe our eyes. Held on the lawn of a McMansion, the goods spread out were top quality and with incredibly low prices. We started stocking up.

My job was to guard the ever growing pile of stuff we wanted to buy from the other shoppers. Sometimes things can get rough, you know!

I spent $24 and came away with an Italian wooden salad bowl set, a floor lamp, two framed prints, two picture frames, a silver wine bucket, an insulated wine bottle/ picnic tote and a margarita set with pitcher and 8 glasses. My friends bought similar treasures including solid oak breakfast bar swivel stool/chairs for $3 each (I was so swept up in the spirit of buying that I almost bought those myself - but I don't have a breakfast bar!).

This is my friend Jody checking out the hula hoop before buying it (for $1). The hoop is weighted heavier than usual hoops so that it can be used for aerobic exercise. Jody got bruises on her hips from it, but bought it anyway! My other friend, Kathy watches as does the house owner.

Packing all our goodies into the SUV was quite a feat. Here I am in the backseat wearing the lampshade from my lamp so it doesn't get crushed and getting pushed around by the hula hoop.

After unloading, we travelled to other sales, but none lived up to the McMansion sale and we returned in the afternoon to see if there were new goodies put out for sale. Then it was off to Doylestown for lunch and a stroll through the used book store.

All in all, a very, very good day.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I wanna go too!!!

Around here we call them "garage sales" and I LOVE them.

Sound like you hit the jackpot!

Susan Gets Native said...

Lampshade on your head. You party animal.

Mary said...

The lampshade picture drew me in...YOU are a riot. I usually stay away from garage sales but this one looked like a lot of fun!

KatDoc said...

You and my sister are cut from the same cloth - yard sales and book stores. I just don't get it.


Beth said...

Lynne - I knew you and I were soul sisters.

Susan - Yup - I am always the life of the party!

Mary - I am not a yard sale junkie, but this one was a great one.

Kathi - your sister sounds like an amazing, beautiful, fascinating creature!