Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New River Festival - Picture Sampler

Although I posted twice while at the New River Festival, I spent the better part of today going through downloaded pictures, handwritten notes, smudgy from the deluge of biblical proportions all week long, and the postings of my Blog Family. Posts about birds and friends are stewing in my mind. I want to give posts the time and effort they deserve since the Festival gave so much to me. So in the meantime, here are some pictures- just a sampling of the 200+ photos I took in West Virginia.

After the Festival, I traveled to my uncle and cousin's vacation cabin in Renick, WV to spend another 2 days doing some hardcore birding (okay, a bit of relaxing, too!). I learned a lot about trees and wildflowers while I was there, so I will post those pictures soon.

Looking in vain for the f***ing Swainson's warbler. Damn bird. Good people.

Keith Richardson, tour guide extraordinaire, imitating Lynn's look of joy as she gets another lifer.

Susan and Dick watching a millipede crawl up Keith's hand. When the rain makes looking skywards tough, birders look to the ground for insects and flowers. We are an adaptable bunch.

Two members of the Flock, Susan and Lynn, posing in front of General Lee's tree. We were laughing so hard, I never read the sign to learn the historical significance of the tree. Oh well.

Listening for the bobolinks in the meadow. Amazing field trip and one of the best experiences of the entire festival.

Susan and Chet Baker. What a bundle of warm puppeh love (I'm talking about Chet, not Susan - she's a bundle of love of a totally different kind - but they both give great hugs!).


Lynne said...

Dang! I can hardly figure out where to start on processing the memories.

Love the shot of Keith being me. It was the Black-throated Blue and my 28th (and final) lifer of the trip.

BTW- How's the chicken?

Susan Gets Native said...

Aw man Beth....No one EVER gets nice pictures of me. Must have been all the joy at the festival. And excitement. :)
Lynne got so squelchy when a little bundle of bird joy would show itself. I love Lynne.
Love you, too.

And's the chicken?

Beth said...

Hi Flockers - miss you lots and lots. I know what you mean about processing all the memories. Posting could last for several months like this!

The chicken survived the long drive home (not so much for me - 10freakin' hours since I-81 was shut down for a time). I haven't unpacked her yet. It is raining here in PA and I don't feel like dragging something else out of the car! I will post pictures of her soon.


Susan Gets Native said...

BTW, Beth...
I got a pic of the Lee Tree's where General Lee "Pitched His Tent"...
You know that made me laugh.
: 0

Mary said...


You are so much fun. Gosh I wish to be there again!

I'm here at work but my mind and heart's in West Virginia, still.


Julie Zickefoose said...


What a great post, Beth. I'm kinda partial to that last shot. Man, Susan has profile pics for the next two years! I need to take my next one whilst smashed up against The Bacon.
Miss you all!

Susan Gets Native said...

Chet can make anyone look good.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such good memories. By the time we're all through all our photos, the entire blogosphere will know about the New River festival.

KatDoc said...

Great pics, Beth! I know what you mean about problems posting. I have so much to share, I don't know where to start. I want to tell everybody everything all at once, but can't find the pics I need. (said in veryveryfastKatDocspeak)

BTW, the most important thing about the General Lee tree is that is where he met his famous horse, Traveler.


nina at Nature Remains. said...

Glad you're home safely, even if the mound of photos to browse is daunting--the times, good; people even better.
Thanks for that.

Bird Girl said...

Love all these pictures of birdwatcher's intent on their birds! Susan sure is a cutie and very photogenic!