Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Life Bird??

Everyone knows I laugh easily (Susan calls me Tickle-Me-Elmo)...but this email had tears coming out of my eyes! It can be hard when none of your friends or family are birders. They don't understand the excitement of seeing a new bird or the satisfaction of stalking and identifying a bird. So my bird-habit is often the butt of family and friend jokes. It is all in good fun and I love a good belly laugh.

My uncle (who kindly invited me to spend a few days with him in West Virginia after the New River Festival), recently sent me an email:

"We were at the cabin for the long holiday weekend when we saw a bird that was smaller than a chicken. I said it could be a Cornish Hen, but I wanted to check with you and see if we were in their range".

A Cornish Hen? That would have been a lifer for me.

Hee, hee, hee....


Anonymous said...

It's your two lives crashing together....are you a chef or a birder?

Love ya,

KatDoc said...

Sounds like a story Kenn Kaufman once told me. He said the Ovenbird was about to be split into two species. The trouble was, you couldn't tell them apart by visual description or voice; the only way to distinguish the ovenbird from the stovebird was by their range.I groaned aloud. But hey, KENN-freakin'-KAUFMAN told me a pun. Hard to beat!


Beth said...

Hi Kathy - glad to see you finally posting on my blog. And yes, my two lives have come together - birding and chef-ing!

Hi Kathi - wow,how can you beat Ken Kaufmann telling you a pun? Even if it is a particularly bad one!


Anonymous said...

Your uncle seems to have the birder's sense of humor correctly identified.

Carol said...

The first time we went with friends to see the ducks at Merritt Island, husband replied" I guess I am finally retired..I'm bird watching." But since I've started the blog and he's seen the photos of some ..up close and realizes how hard i work to get them..he's starting to appreciate them more.

dguzman said...

Tee hee!

jalynn01 said...

That was just too funny...and I do know exactly how you get 'made fun' of for being a birder as my kids do that very well, but they are even more into making fun of my Bull Riding Interests.... go here I even had a cowboy christmas tree which really brought down the house!! haha

Anonymous said...

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