Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cat People vs Dog People

I have always been a cat person. My brothers tell me that if I adopt again, they will hold an intervention. I will be known in my old age as Crazy Cat Lady.

But this weekend, I met Dusty, a 10-week old golden lab who belongs to my friend Jody and her family.

This sweet face could turn me into a dog person.

All he wants is a stable home and leadership.

And in return, he will give years of loyalty, love and joy.

He almost made me a dog person. Almost.

There is no happy quite like puppeh happy...


Susan Gets Native said...

A face to launch a thousand "Awwwww"'s.
I am both a dog and cat person. And I think my family would also hold an intervention if I bring ONE. MORE. ANIMAL. into the house.

Word verification: coness.
As in, "Hey, baby! Check out my perky CONESS."

Captain Henry Chay said...

The dog really so cute! I believe that u will be the dog person very soon, since I saw ur blog is full of ur love to the animal.

Julie Zickefoose said...

I can smell his puppy breath from here. Mmmm.
You mean Chet Baker didn't turn you into an instant dog person??

Beth said...

Hi Susan - I have seen enough of your "coness", thank you very much :)

Hi Cap'n: Welcome to my blog.

Hi Julie: I didn't mean to impugn Chet's ability to draw in new dog people - he is a prince among dogs!


Bird Girl said...

oH...that is MY kind of puppy - I love labs and retrievers! I could take him home easily! Such cute pictures!

KatDoc said...

"Just say NO to puppies!"

~KatDoc, staging an intervention

VW word = "clute" "That puppy is so CLUTE."