Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ahhh - the Life of Winston

It's been a rough week. Getting sick, trips to the doctor and the hospital, family issues, craziness at work. Anyway, all will work out eventually and there are no serious aftereffects, but the stress can get to me, especially first thing in the morning when I have to drag myself out of bed at an ungodly hour to go to work in the dark.

Both of my cats sleep on the bed with me at some points throughout the night, but Winston is the one who usually stays through all my tossing and turning. Sophie gives up after a couple of hours and huffs off in a tizzy to sleep in the cat bed in the living room.

A little kitty background: Winston has always been more of a mama's boy. When he was 8 weeks old he must have missed his mother and liked to nurse on my earlobe, wrist, neck or anything else he could dig his tiny, needle-sharp teeth into. He eventually grew out of that (thank God!). His mother is a barn cat who lives across the street and wanders into my yard occasionally. Winston and Sophie are indoor cats (as a responsible birder, how could they be otherwise?), so they sit in the kitchen window, intently watching Winston's birth mother in the yard, but I don't think either Winston or his mother recognize each other. Sophie came to me the same week as Winston, but from another family. So while I consider them brother and sister, they are not related - just adopted into the Russell household.

Back to my jealousy over the Life of Winston. I woke up one morning last week and dragged myself into the shower. I usually don't make the bed until after I am dressed for work. So when I came out of the shower into the bedroom, this is what awaited me....

What? What's so funny? Why are you laughing?

Yes, I WAS sleeping. Please stop bothering me and turn out the light.

No, you can't make the bed. Can't you see I am using this comforter? Aren't you going to be late for work, Mama? Please bring kitty treats home tonite. You keep forgetting and I am tired of reminding you.

To head off the inevitable sibling rivalry, here are pictures of Sophie for equal emphasis:

Mommy, I want to talk to you about Winston. He is hogging the catnip and eating all the treats. I thought I was your favorite...

I want a kiss Mommy. Please put that silly black box with the annoying light flasher away.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Nice kitties Beth! I have always been partial to tabbies.

Susan Gets Native said...

Awww, tabbies. The BEST CATS. Out of all of my cats, 90% were tabbies.

LOVE the last photo...I have a billion just like that!

Mary said...


I can't make my bed in the morning for the same reason - only there are two dogs in it...

At once I had three cats in my house - two tabbies and one Maine Coon. Your kitties bring back memories!

Hope you are feeling better!

Oh, God! My word verif: CLOWN

jalynn01 said...

Hope you are feeling better...I know how you feel I got it this week and have been coughing my head off like never before and my throat hurts!! Didn't go the dr. yet... People thought I died, haven't posted in over a week until last night. Love your cats. I have only one cat and one dog, but that's plenty. Miss you!

Beth said...

Susan and Lynne - you're right. Tabbies rock. And Winston and Sophie rock the most!

Mary - I know, isn't it hard to share the bed? But then, the warmth, the purring and the snuggling are all worth it. I am feeling fine, now. Thanks.

Jane - hope you are feeling better soon. Sending healing energy your way. Love ya.