Friday, May 8, 2009

New River Festival - Sampler #2

After another two hours of sorting, editing and trying to make sense of the pictures from New River, I thought I would post a random bunch of some of my favorite moments from the trip. No cohesive subject to this post. Just fun.

One of our guides, Keith Richardson, listening intently for warblers. Probably for the

Susan giving the camera some model-like attitude in the bobolink field. Ain't she purty?

Checking out the wing wear and tear on a male goldfinch before banding him.

Beverly the Stone(d) Chicken (and Flock mascot) at the Cathedral Cafe in Fayetteville. She had a bit too much to drink that night, but she has recovered.

The inimitable Jeff Gordon intently watching the banding of a chipping sparrow.

Connie Toops, another of our fabulous guides, putting a flat-topped coral fungus back where she gathered it. After we all had a good look and a learning experience, Connie released this fungus back into the wild as all good nature-nuturers would.

So long until next year. True friends (Susan and Mary in this picture) never say goodbye, only so long.


Susan Gets Native said...

That was my "I'm a sexy birder" pose. We aren't all dusty ol' bitties!

I was out with Lorelei today, and I needed Connie and Keith's Bat Ears. I was hearing all sorts of things I couldn't ID>

Lynne said...

Whooeee! That is one sexy birder!

Bird Girl said...

That Beverly the Stone Chicken is hilarious! Did someone take it home? Whoever named it? Funny! I like your random pics!

Beth said...

The stone chicken belongs to me. You can read about her in this post:

Phoebe, Julie Zickefoose's daughter named her. And yes, she is home safe and sound and back under the oak tree in my backyard.