Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Computer Access

I have lost computer access (temporarily) except while I am at work, so blogging will have to be put on hold for a while until I get a replacement AC adapter for the laptop. Hope to be back soon...


Lynne said...

Those replacement AC adaptors are expensive. Our bunny Buddy bit mine in two!

Susan Gets Native said...

Figures that your first week of blogging is coitus interruptus. Get that power cord!

KatDoc said...

And now, the excuses start ...

Just teasing, hope you get back on-line soon.


Mary said...

Hi Beth!

I just found you. Gosh I'm always behind - took a break away from blogging and just now learned you are BLOGGING!

I remember having lots of difficulty with technology in the beginning of my blog - Blogger was more difficult to deal with back then. I hate technology but can't live without it. By the way, I was unable to comment on your latest post dated 4-1-09.


I like it here.