Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beginning to Blog

At the urging of my bloggy friends, most notably, Susan, I've ventured into the great unknown world of blogging. Now I am officially removed from the Lurker and Commentator list! Thanks, Susan. Although I may be cursing you later when this gets overwhelming. I certainly don't know any of the tricks to making a pleasant-to-look-at blog but I hope I will pick it up in good time. And I know my bloggy pals will offer suggestions and help.

I am looking foward to the New River Birding and Nature Festival in West Virginia in April. I will spend four days birding and laughing with friends and hope to see lots of wonderful birds. At the risk of jinxing myself, my target bird for the trip is a Cerulean warbler. My fingers are crossed that I will see one (or two!). After the festival, I am traveling to Renick, WV to visit my uncle and cousin who built a vacation cabin in the mountains near the Monongahela National Forest. Last summer when I visited, I participated in a little beekeeping - they have three hives. It was fun, if a little stifling in those darn suits.

Anyway, they harvested a record 70 pounds of honey that summer and my new nickname is the Bee Whisperer. Who knows what fate awaits me this time.

Uncle and me catching a glimpse of a scarlet tanager.


Lynne said...


Yay!! You took the plunge! I'm glad to be able to read and see and learn about you here.
Way to go Beth.

Susan Gets Native said...

Well, here we go!
You're gonna love it, Beth. And you have a ready-made readership!

LauraHinNJ said...

Welcome to the fold, Beth... finally!

Cerulean is a target bird for me, too.

KatDoc said...

There you are! Couldn't find you at first. Welcome to blogging! First, we harass you until you comment, then we intimidate you till you blog. Next, is laying on the guilt trip if you don't post for a few days! {wink}

We will get you some Ceruleans (and Laura, too.) I promise,


Beth said...

Lynne - it is perfect that you are my first comment, since you were the fist of the Flock that I met in person. Thanks, friend.

Susan - you are totally to blame for this!

Laura - Kathi promises us some Ceruleans. If she doesn't deliver, we will have to beat her with our field guides.

Kathi - no guilt trips, please. I am a recovering Catholic and it might put me over the edge!

Anonymous said...


So happy to see your blog and my smiling face. Spring has come to the south. Martins and back and the hummer feeder is up. Hope to do our migration count the first Sat in May. See you in a couple of weeks. Keep looking up!

Love Uncle Jim