Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blackwater Wildlife Refuge Eagle Cam

photo courtesy of Blackwater Wildlife Refuge website

It's that time of year again - the eagle couple on the cam-monitored nest at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge in Maryland have successfully laid their first egg. An experienced couple who have returned to this nest over several years, they are expected to lay at least one more egg if not two more. I am addicted to this cam feed and even made a trip to Blackwater a few years ago to see the eagles (although this couple are not viewable since the Refuge will not release the location of the nest in order to protect the eagles from harrassment from too many visitors). The antics of the eaglets are too cute for words.

Blackwater is a beautiful refuge with plenty of hiking trails and comfortable driving trails for bird viewing and over 170 eagles in their recent census. Put it on your must-see list. And check out the Eagle Cam and the Osprey Cam (ospreys are expected to return to the refuge for breeding in March).


Mary said...

Beth, I lived in Maryland for 47 years and I've never been there! These cams are great - eagles, bears, hummingbirds, osprey. Who would have thought it'd be possible ten or fifteen years ago...

Russ said...

2 eggs as of Saturday.