Monday, November 9, 2009

Missing Birds and Blogging

I am sorry I have been out of touch lately. No blog posts and definitely no birding. I am preparing for some surgery next week (nothing serious) and work is keeping me in 14 hour days 6 days a week.

I realized how much I missed birding when I looked out the window to see.....a first of the season junco. While I love these little harbingers of cold weather, I never realized how much they meant to me until I felt the huge grin crack across my face. Since I have moved into my new house, my backyard birds have been limited to house sparrows, with a few titmice, mourning doves, nuthatches and goldfinches thrown in for good measure. At my last house, my yard list was a comfortable 57 species (just like the Heinz sauce!) - always full of diversity and something to look at.
Lilac, hydrangea and forsythia, a dogwood, an oak and a weeping cherry tree along with yew bushes line my yard providing good coverage and habitat, but still, the bullying HOSPS dominate. A cardinal couple and a white-throated sparrow joined the juncos pecking on the ground and I was in heaven. Then a house finch flew in. Never thought I would be happy to see a house finch, but I was!

Loooking at my new yard birds made me long for a real birding trip. Like last year's New River Festival. Or Cape May Autumn Festival. Or the upcoming Space Coast Festival in Titusville, Florida. I miss the Flock and I miss the birds.

Come January, I will be back to my normal, healthy self and plan on birding until I drop! And I promise to blog more often, too!


Kim said...

I totally understand your frustration with the House Sparrows! What I find is that come winter though, they lay a little low and I get some really good birds in my yard during harsh weather coming to my feeders.

I look forward to hearing about your birding in January. People say January birding is dull, but I have a great time getting out there last year at that time!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Good luck with your surgery Sweet Beth. I will be holding your hand in spirit.

Susan Gets Native said...

You will be back in the swing of things just in time.
January means wintering RAPTORS!
Be well, Elmo.

Beth said...

Thanks, Kim, Lynne and Susan. All will be okay - actually looking forward to a couple weeks off work!!! Wintering raptors...mmmmm... something to definitely look forward to!


Kathiesbirds said...

Oh, I do hope you get more birds in your new yard! I love juncos also. I pray all goes well with your surgery. Hang in there Beth! I miss the flock too.

dguzman said...

I miss juncos! Haven't seen any down here. I always thought they were so cute.