Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Home - Finally!

I am all moved in to my new house. It seems like forever since I signed the lease- 7 weeks ago. Lots of packing, unpacking, cleaning, moving, rearranging and all the accompanying stress.

Moving the kittycats was full of drama, trauma and a little bloodshed (from trying to get Winston into the cat carrier). But after two days huddled under the beds, the cats have adjusted well. They love exploring the new house - it is bigger than the last one. And with a lot more windowsills. A cat's dream home.

Winston, enjoying a little sun and a cool breeze on the living room windowsill

The birds did not follow me. I hung all my birdfeeders and so far have attracted nothing but a ton of house sparrows. Yuck. We'll see how it goes.

While watching my beloved Philadelphia Eagles in the season opener against Carolina (we won), I made a batch of Zick dough at halftime. I stuffed it in the new suet holders that my dad made. Now I will freeze them to harden the dough and have it ready for hanging when the weather gets colder. Aren't they cool? My dad took up several hobbies when he retired - homemade candles and wood crafts. I have benefited greatly from both.

Goldfinch suet holder (check out the serial killer eyes) and Northern Cardinal suet holder both full of Zick dough.

He and my stepmother spent a week with me after the move and cleaned the new house top to bottom (removing storm windows to clean, scrubbing toilets, hanging pictures and draperies, etc). It would have taken me months to finish without their help. My brother, Russ and his life-partner Jeff also visited to help hook up all the electronics. I am technologically challenged and not afraid to admit when I need help.

Dad and Russ hooking up the new flatscreen to the DVD, the DVR, the wireless router, the cable box and the electricity

Today, I had three of my best girlfriends over to see the house, have bagels and coffee and catch up. They live 50 minutes away and finding "girl-time" is difficult to say the least. So this was precious time. We all sat around the farmhouse table, drinking coffee, noshing and laughing so loud that I think I might get protest letters from the neighbors. When we went to make plans for our next outing, we all pulled out our PDAs, cellphones, iPhones and pagers. How pathetic is our dependency on gadgets?

Now that the move is over and I am settled comfortably, I will blog more regularly. I am taking a group of 10 Boy Scouts birding in 3 weeks, so that should make for one hell of a blog entry. Me and ten 10-year olds in the woods - the situation is ripe for great storytelling.

I leave you with a picture of the housewarming present from my friend Kathy - a punched tin bird that holds a tealight candle in it's belly. Friends know what you like. And they humor you.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm glad to hear you're settled in to your new home. Isn't is wonderful to have family and friends to help get the job done?

dguzman said...

Sooooooo jealous of everything in this post! Cool custom suet feeders (and I spit out my coffee when I noticed the serial killer eyes you mentioned!), that cool bird tealight holder, family close enough to help, and ...

...wait a minute... I'm SURE I didn't read... hold on a minute...

WHAT THE ... "beloved Philadelphia Eagles"??????

OH MY GOD. It's like I don't even KNOW you anymore.

Die, Eagles, Die!
Your favorite Cowboys' fan since birth,

Beth said...

Thanks Lynnie - yes, I am very lucky to have my family and friends available to help.

Delia, *shaking head ruefully*...what am I going to do with you?! Cowboys?? The stinkin' Cowboys? *sigh*. It's a good thing you are so funny and smart and cute and birdy....and 3,000 miles away. I get feisty during football season!

The #1 Eagles Fan,

BirdingMom said...

Best of everything in your new home!