Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fairy Bluebirds and Bali Mynahs - McNeil Avian Center Part Three

More amazing birds from my trip last week to the Philadelphia Zoo's McNeil Avian Center:

A Fairy Bluebird from the forests of the Himalayas, northern India, Burma and Indochina.

Check out the feather detail on this mystery bird. I did not write down it's name while I was at the exhibit and I can not find information about it on the Philadelphia Zoo website. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know. It reminds of what the feathers on a Gadwall look like-kind of plain brown from a distance, but the up-close looks will take your breath away.

This Violaceous Turaco from West Africa had amazing maroon underwings only visible when it flew. Unfortunately, I only got pictures of it perched.

Another look at the mystery bird. A funny shape that reminded me of a ballerina in her tutu.

My absolute favorite bird of the entire exhibit was this Bali Mynah from Indonesia. Snow white with teal blue face mask. Gorgeous. The Bali Mynah is critically endangered because of habitat destruction by timber harvest, illegal cage-bird trade, poaching, and nest site competition with the Black-winged Starling. Right now there are only about 13-14 Bali Mynahs left in the wild.

A Victoria-Crowned pigeon (about the size of a large chicken) from New Guinea sunning itself in one of the walk-through exhibits. The feathery crown on it's head would be the envy of lots of church-going ladies. On the 2008 IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)List of Threatened Species, the Victoria crowned pigeon is listed as Vulnerable.

More Bali Mynahs....


Susan Gets Native said...

We have those Victoria Crowned Pigeons at our 'em.

I think your Mystery Bird is a Brown-Plumaged Horny Jungle Chicken.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Sorry to correct you Susan,
it's actually a
LONG-LEGGED Brown-plumanged Horny Jungle Chicken.

I want one.

Susan Gets Native said...

My bad, Lynne.
But the two are so confusing, aren't they?
But hey. Either way, they're both Horny.

Bird Girl said...

Lynn & Susan!!! YOu made me split a gut when I read your 'horny' little IDs ;-) So, so funny!!! That long legged chicken has a lot of nerve being horny...looks more like a long legged pregnant chicken bird ;-)

But Beth - back to the subject at hand - BEAUTIFUL Bali Mynah birds -wow! I can't believe there are so few left! Wonder if they talk as do other Mynah birds? We used to have one at a local pet shop...and when you entered he would says,"I can talk...can you fly?" Even as a cocky teenager...that bird made me feel a bit foolish with that question ;-)
McNeil Avian looks to be a wonderful place to visit and reminds me of the National Aviary in Pittsburgh.
That Victoria-Crowned is a pigeon fit for a Queen :-)
My very favorite of all your pictures from this trip is the Micronesian Kingfisher. WOW! What a stunning image you captured there!

Beth said...

You guys crack me up! I am adding a Long-Legged Brown-Plumaged Horny Jungle Chicken to my life list.

Unfortunately, I can not take credit for the picture of the Micronesian Kingfisher. The bird stayed hidden the entire time I was at the exhibit - I only caught glances of it through the trees. I borrowed the posted picture from the Web (and credited the website so the Web-gods don't get angry at me).


dguzman said...

So cool! Reminds me of my great experience at Pittsburgh's National Aviary. I LOVED the Victoria Crowned Pigeon too! My bff Gretchen wanted to tuck him into her coat and run away with him.