Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eggs Have Arrived!

A house wren has moved into one of the houses in my yard and bluebirds into the second house. I think the wren finally has a mate because I often see two of them going in and out. However, no eggs yet, although the nest has grown to gigantic proportions! Now the nest is lined with feathers, so perhaps they are preparing for eggs. Trust me (I stuck my finger into the nest cup - it is quite deep) and it is soft and totally feather-lined. See how close the nest comes to the top of the nestbox? It's huge!
The bluebirds have been more successful.

Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird have a clutch of five eggs. I couldn't get the camera all the way into the box, so you can only see two of the eggs in this picture. The bluebirds incubate most of the morning and evening, but in the heat of the day, they leave the eggs alone. Aren't they a beautiful shade of blue? And so tiny.


Kathiesbirds said...

So pretty and dainty but doesn't holding the eggs disturb the parents?

Carol said...

I'll be back to see how they are dong.

Susan Gets Native said...

Awesome! Nothing more uplifting that bluebird eggs. I tried for years, but it wasn't meant to be. I took the box down because it was continually breaking my heart.
Kathie: Holding the eggs doesn't disturb the parents, as long as you aren't chasing off the incubating parent to get to the eggs.
(Smell isn't an issue...99 % of birds have no sense of smell)

Beth said...

I do not go near the nest box when the parents are there. Don't want to stress them out. But they leave in the middle of the day so I take that time to check out the nest.


dguzman said...


Word verif: leduck