Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Morning Birding

Carpenter's Woods in the heart of Philadelphia is a hidden treasure of warblers, songbirds, thrushes, meadow, deciduous forest and even a babbling brook. I spent three hours there this morning with my bestest friend, Kathy, showing her the joys of early morning birding. I think she sometimes humors my hobby, but she got excited about her first Northern flicker, red bellied and hairy woodpeckers. It was a woodpecker kind of day. In the woods, I got sunburn on my face and my arms. My Irish heritage is showing. I will have to pack lots of sunscreen for West Virginia.

Today's sightings:

Turkey vulture (this one's for you, Lynne)
Northern flicker
hairy woodpecker
pine siskin (what are they still doing around here? They left my feeders weeks ago)
palm warbler (male and female)
yellow-rumped warbler (or as the birder we ran into on the trail said, "sharpie chow")
pine warbler (male and female)
American crow
hermit thrush
wood duck (perched in a tree. I have never seen them in trees before. This drake was gorgeous and kept his eye on us while whistling - a picture is below, but I couldn't zoom my pitiful camera any closer)
Northern cardinal
European starling
brown-headed cowbird
tufted titmouse
American robin
Carolina wren (also for you Lynne!)
red bellied woodpecker
broad-winged hawk
mourning dove

Birding was followed by a stop at a garage sale and then off to a neighborhood cafe for chai tea and blueberry almond coffeecake. All in all, not a bad day (except for the sunburn).

Wood duck drake perched in a tree.

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Lynne said...

Don't you love that soft whistley sound the Wood Ducks make?
That's an impressive list! Maybe you'll be bringing your friend to the next festival.